Superb Internet is currently upgrading the network hardware in their DCA2 data center located in McLean, VA. This upgrade maintenance will replace all Cisco 2924XL-EN switches with Cisco 2950G-48-EI switches as well as providing the security and cost-effective performance of a dedicated back-end network. Similar to their DCA3 data center in Springfield, VA, customers who order servers in DCA2 will have their own dedicated VLAN and IP space they can use to communicate between their servers.

Superb DCA2 McLean, VA Datacenter - Back-end Network

There are key benefits of using a dedicated network for your servers such as having a higher level of security for your data. Having a dedicated VLAN and subnet will prevent other customers having access to your data as it crosses the network since all internal traffic will be seen by your servers only. In addition, a back-end network gives your servers unmetered access for all communicated between your servers within the internal network and will not be counted against the bandwidth allocation. Superb gives a whopping 4TB of monthly traffic so this will not be a problem for most, but nevertheless, unmetered access is nice to have. Backend network also results in a greater quality of service since certain administrative tasks, such as backup, will not interfere with the front-end internet traffic that forms the core of your business.

It’s great to hear announcements surrounding infrastructure improvements because it shows that our dedicated server hosting company cares us, the customer, by making investments to improve their quality of service. To read more on Superb Internet’s data centers, check out their pages on network and infrastructure.