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Superb Hosting Adding Back-end Network to McLean, VA Data Center (DCA2)-

Superb Internet is currently upgrading the network hardware in their DCA2 data center located in McLean, VA. This upgrade maintenance will replace all Cisco 2924XL-EN switches with Cisco 2950G-48-EI switches as well as providing the security and cost-effective performance of a dedicated back-end network. Similar to their DCA3 data center in Springfield, VA, customers who order servers in DCA2 will have their own dedicated VLAN and IP space they can use to communicate between their servers.

Superb DCA2 McLean, VA Datacenter - Back-end Network

There are key benefits of using a dedicated network for your servers such as having a higher level of security for your data. Having a dedicated VLAN and subnet will prevent other customers having access to your data as it crosses the network since all internal traffic will be seen by your servers only. In addition, a back-end network gives your servers unmetered access for all communicated between your servers within the internal network and will not be counted against the bandwidth allocation. Superb gives a whopping 4TB of monthly traffic so this will not be a problem for most, but nevertheless, unmetered access is nice to have. Backend network also results in a greater quality of service since certain administrative tasks, such as backup, will not interfere with the front-end internet traffic that forms the core of your business.

It’s great to hear announcements surrounding infrastructure improvements because it shows that our dedicated server hosting company cares us, the customer, by making investments to improve their quality of service. To read more on Superb Internet’s data centers, check out their pages on network and infrastructure.

Superb Hosting Now Has a Price Match Guarantee on Dedicated Servers!

Superb Internet just introduced a price match guarantee for their dedicated servers. In short, if you find the price of a server cheaper elsewhere, Superb Internet will match it. As long as the server specification from a competitor “closely matches” a configuration from their website, Superb Hosting will match the price.

Superb Hosting Dedicated Server Price Match Guarantee

Talking with one of their account representatives, it seems the price match has to come from a comparable service provider. Prying for details on this seems to indicate that a comparable service provider is someone that owns their own data center as well as providing 24×7 technical support to customers. Superb is willing to match hardware configurations that offer comparable CPU, RAM, hard drives, among others. It seems like Superb Internet intentionally kept the details open-ended so they can approve at their own discretion. This offer may be YMMV, but it never hurts to ask.

Superb Internet adds Magento eCommerce to Web Hosting Plans~

Superb Internet is beefing up their GridIron web hosting packages with the addition of the popular Magento e-commerce platform to their one-click application library. For those that are not in the loop, the one-click app library makes adding popular applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento easy to install on a share hosting plan. Traditionally, we are pretty limited on what we are able to install on a shared hosting environment since we are not provided root-access. As the name suggests, within a shared hosting environment, you are sharing resources with other customers and the hosting company, Superb Internet in this case, configures the server to account for the popular web environments. The one-click application library is very nice because we know the list of applications is fully supported.

Magento is the latest buzz of ecommerce platforms because of the flexibility to fully customize the front-end web store and order form. The older popular platforms such as OS Commerce and Miva are nice to use because of the easier learning curve, but the platforms really limits our ability to customize the appearance of our online store.  Magento solves that by putting us in the driver’s seat of how our store should appear. However, Magento is not without faults as it is well known fact that Magento is a resource hog compared to the traditional ecommerce platforms.

This is where Superb Internet’s services shine. It is well known that all Magento environments should be optimized so that the server resources are used efficiently. Superb Hosting takes away that headache and takes care of the server optimization for us so our online store runs fast. The best part is, Superb’s shared web hosting plans start just $8.99 per month ($5.99 per month if you pay a year up front). This is a cost effective way to try out the platform to see if you like it. I have yet to see any reputable hosting provider offering Magento hosting at this price. In addition, Superb Internet offers Magento on their dedicated servers and managed hosting plans so we have an upgrade path in the future when our business grows. Having tried out Magento, this new platform is definitely the way to go. Check out Superb Internet’s hosting services.

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