Superb Internet is now offering Enkompass, cPanel’s control panel for Windows 2008, for their dedicated server plans. For the cPanel enthusiasts, this is great news because now we have an option of using Windows OS instead of being bound to Linux if we want to use cPanel. As far as the look and feel is concerned, Enkompass is pretty identical to cPanel so you should be quite familiar with it as long as you used the Linux control panel in the past.

Enkompass Control Panel - Dedicated Servers

For those that are not familiar with cPanel or Enkompass, these are control panels available to make managing a dedicated server easier. These control panels will allow you to create accounts within your dedicated server or virtual private server so you can easily setup your websites. In addition, setting up email accounts and managing DNS is simpler without the need to learn Apache or IIS in detail.

I ordered a dedicated server with Enkompass and I learned a couple things regarding requirements. First, Enkompass is a control panel made specifically for Windows and the only operating systems that is supported are Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 versions of Web, Standard, Datacenter, or Enterprise editions. As far as hardware is concerned, the dedicated server should have at the bare minimum a dual-core CPU. Having a quad-core is recommended. When you order your server, be sure to include at least 2GB of memory because the control panel will suck up some of your system resources. My recommendation is to get the following server configuration:

A lot of us have been waiting for Enkompass and it is a welcome alternative to Parallel Plesk. Just a heads up, Fantastico is not supported on Enkompass but cPanel reports this is high on their list of features they are working on with regards to their product road map. Fantastico is popular feature within cPanel that allows you to easily install applications automatically. Nevertheless, Enkompass is a pretty sweet software and highly recommended for Windows dedicated servers.