About Superb Internet

Choosing the right web hosting company is important because the availability of your web site ultimately affects your earning potential. Your site must always be up. I look for 3 things when evaluating web hosting companies: reliable network and infrastructure, stable company, and knowledgeable staff. These points are important because you want your site to always be up, you want to make sure your hosting company will be around 1, 2, 5, 10 years from now, and you want to be able to access some tech gurus in case you need help. Looking at this criteria, Superb Internet is the right fit.

To start, Superb Internet was one of the first web hosting companies ever started having been around since 1996. I was able to learn that this company is 100% privately owned by the employees and carries no debt. That tells me I don’t have to worry about this company going out of business one day and my website magically disappearing. This company has survived the internet bubble and the recent economic downturn. If this company can thrive in these conditions, it can survive in worse. Be wary of web hosting companies that seem too good to be true. You want a stable company you don’t have to worry about.

The second thing I’m very impressed with is their investment in the data center and network to ensure everything is fully redundant. We all know disasters can occur such as power failures but that does not give web hosting companies any excuses. We pay top dollars for this redundancy and I expect my website to be up 24x7x365. As you can expect from a top web hosting company, Superb Hosting has multi-homed internet connectivity and fully redundant power, UPS, generators, and cooling systems. Their data centers are meant to always keep our servers up.

To top it off, I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Superb’s excellent support team. It helps that they’ve been around for a long time so their staff has the experience to give me the best help when I need. It feels real good when their staff goes over the top and makes sure I am taken care of. This made learning how to manage a dedicated server quite easy. Several years ago I barely knew what a dedicated server was. Today, I am proud to say I am quite knowledgeable with all the helpful tips I’ve received. I’m really big on doing things myself, but it’s real assuring knowing that there is a full team I can turn to when need.

No matter what I say, there is no better way of experience Superb Hosting than trying them out. It’s really cool that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee so there is no risk in checking them out.

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