Superb Hosting’s Buy 1 Server, Get 1 Server Free Deal Ending Soon!

It’s almost to the end of the month and that means Superb Internet’s popular BOGO promotion is coming to an end. Their BOGO page says this promotion ends July 31, 2010 so get in while you can! When’s the last time you made consistent backups of your hosted infrastructure? With a free dedicated server along with any dedicated hosting purchase, you really have no excuse.

Personally, I like to use R1Soft’s CDP backup solution since it is fully automated. Load up the free server with some hard drives along with R1Soft continuous data protection and you’re pretty much taken care of from a backup stand point. The best part about this solution is that the backup process utilizes minimal system resources so your primary business is not affected with major performance degradation. However, R1Soft can be pricey since there is a license fee involved.

Another option is to use the free dedicated server as your DNS server. You can even use the free server to house your personal files. Free up space on your laptop by loading up the free server with your videos and music content (nothing copyrighted of course!).

Remember that you use this offer for multiple servers. If you buy 5 dedicated servers, get 5 servers free… that’s 10 servers for 50% off! For additional details on this buy one, get one free dedicated server promotion, read our original post on bogo.

Now Triple the RAM on all Intel Xeon Nehalem Dedicated Servers!

Superb Internet is now offering a complimentary Triple the RAM upgrade on their Nehalem dedicated servers. This means that instead of receiving 2GB of DDR3 RAM on the Dual Xeon E5504 or E5520 servers, you will get a whopping 6GB of DDR3 RAM. Unfortunately, we can’t combine this deal with their Double the RAM promo, but it looks like we can combine this deal with any other promo code available.
Triple the RAM on Nehalem Dedicated Servers

Nehalem servers have been very popular in the market because of its multi-threaded processing performance along with the utilization of DDR3 memory. The 6GB DDR3 RAM upgrade is a perfect compliment since this provides optimal memory configuration.

Superb Internet Launches New Shared Hosting Platform – GridIron!

Superb Internet announced the launch of a new platform for their shared web hosting plans called GridIron Platform. The GridIron hosting plans are replacing Universal and Infinity shared hosting plans. Although the new web hosting platform is currently only available in Linux option, Superb Internet is currently working on releasing the Windows shared hosting version. For details, click here>

Superb GridIron Shared Hosting

So what makes GridIron hosting different? To start, they upped their Service Level Agreement (SLA) from guaranteeing 99.9% to 99.99%. Apparently they built a redundant environment by clustering a bunch of servers so in the event one of the servers failed, there would be no issue with the websites on the server.

It looks like they released some much needed improvements. Superb Internet has introduced their “one-click apps” where we can quickly install and add popular applications to our shared hosting plans. This is very similar to Godaddy’s Hosting Connections. It’s a relief to hear that Superb is listening to us customers for more features.

Their cheapest hosting plan starts at $4.99 per month but that requires a 2 years commitment. As a perk, Superb Internet gives 2 years of free domain name registration if you sign up for a 2 year plan. You can go month-to-month but the price jumps to $8.99 per month. The price is still very good when you look at your other options.

Compare Superb GridIron Shared Web Hosting Plans

If you’re on the fence, I think the best deal for us right now is to try out their GridLite hosting plan and use their promo 7395 to receive free setup and 2nd month free. They have a 30-day guarantee so that in the event we don’t like their service, they will give us a full refund. Not too shabby, if you ask me~

Dual Xeon 5160 3.0GHz with 16GB RAM just $199/m!!!

Superb Internet just announced their best limited-time promotion. I’ve always been a dedicated server customer for my websites and this is the first time I’ve ever seen a deal so good on a server configuration. It’s a Dual Xeon 5160 (Dual-core) 3.0Ghz server with full 16GB of FB-DIMM RAM for just $199 per month. This deal is so amazing. The memory upgrade alone would cost over $150 per month. These servers are available until supply runs out. Apparently, they have 200 of them available. Learn more>

Superb Hosting Dedicated Server

A promo code is not needed for this promotion; however, this dedicated server deal can not be combined with any other existing promotion. Even without using promos, this HP rackmount server is hands-down the best deal you can find any where right now.

To go into detail of the exact server configuration you can get:

  • HP DL140 G3 Rackmount
  • Dual Xeon 5160 3.0GHz processor
  • 2x250GB SATA hard drive
  • RAID-1 included
  • 4000GB monthly traffic
  • $89/setup; $199/month

<Order Now>

The server uses Fully-Buffered DIMMs and 16GBs is the max. Since this server is a 1U rackmount server, it can only support a max of up to 2 hard drives. This server includes hardware RAID-1 which makes this deal even sweeter. You can replace the existing hard drives with larger capacity drives up to 2TB SATA drives if you wish.

I would recommend adding Lease-to-Own on this server so that after a year you will own it. A very sweet server to keep for a while.

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