Superb Hosting Launches New VPS – Virtual Private Servers

Superb Internet launched a new VPS offering. VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is a cost-effective alternative to dedicated servers for anyone wanting to upgrade from shared hosting. Superb Internet’s VPS plans start at just $25 per month which comes with 512MB of RAM. The best of all, Superb Hosting has a VPS launch special that gives 25% off the monthly rate of all Virtual Private Server packages for the life of the account. This means you can get the VPS Lite with 512MB RAM and 30GB of RAID-10 storage for just $18.75 per month. This is a steal!

Superb Hosting VPS - Virtual Private Servers

One of the best things about Superb VPS plans is that they give us Windows OS options in addition to Linux flavors. This is great because I get a lot of requests from colleagues on who can do Windows VPS hosting and there are not many reliable companies who offer this solution.

The most important thing about choosing a good VPS provider is the speed and reliability of the server itself. First, I would like to applaud Superb Internet to fully disclosing that their memory and CPU allocation is guaranteed. This means there will be absolutely no overselling. Best of all, if there are unused resources on the server, our VPS hosting accounts can utilize it via our Burstable allocation. Looking at the servers, Superb Internet uses the latest Dual Xeon, Quad-core servers with hard drives configured in RAID-10. RAID-10 is one of the best configurations used for optimal speed and redundancy in case there is a drive failure. This expensive solution is usually reserved for enterprise-level hosting infrastructures but is available with all Superb VPS accounts.

What I really like is how scalable their VPS plans are while making it very affordable. I get tired of teaser introductory rates where it costs an arm and a leg to upgrade memory or just storage on a VPS account. For just $10/month, you can upgrade from a VPS Lite to VPS Pro account which gives you 256MB more memory, 30GB more disk space, and 500GB extra bandwidth. That’s nearly twice as much resource across the board.

As a tribute to launching their new VPS solution, Superb Hosting is offering a special 25% off the monthly rate on any VPS package for the life of the account. This deal effectively makes Superb Internet the ultimate best value of any top-tier VPS hosting provider. Try Superb’s VPS today!

Superb Internet Launches cPanel Enkompass Control Panel for Windows 2008

Superb Internet is now offering Enkompass, cPanel’s control panel for Windows 2008, for their dedicated server plans. For the cPanel enthusiasts, this is great news because now we have an option of using Windows OS instead of being bound to Linux if we want to use cPanel. As far as the look and feel is concerned, Enkompass is pretty identical to cPanel so you should be quite familiar with it as long as you used the Linux control panel in the past.

Enkompass Control Panel - Dedicated Servers

For those that are not familiar with cPanel or Enkompass, these are control panels available to make managing a dedicated server easier. These control panels will allow you to create accounts within your dedicated server or virtual private server so you can easily setup your websites. In addition, setting up email accounts and managing DNS is simpler without the need to learn Apache or IIS in detail.

I ordered a dedicated server with Enkompass and I learned a couple things regarding requirements. First, Enkompass is a control panel made specifically for Windows and the only operating systems that is supported are Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 versions of Web, Standard, Datacenter, or Enterprise editions. As far as hardware is concerned, the dedicated server should have at the bare minimum a dual-core CPU. Having a quad-core is recommended. When you order your server, be sure to include at least 2GB of memory because the control panel will suck up some of your system resources. My recommendation is to get the following server configuration:

A lot of us have been waiting for Enkompass and it is a welcome alternative to Parallel Plesk. Just a heads up, Fantastico is not supported on Enkompass but cPanel reports this is high on their list of features they are working on with regards to their product road map. Fantastico is popular feature within cPanel that allows you to easily install applications automatically. Nevertheless, Enkompass is a pretty sweet software and highly recommended for Windows dedicated servers.

Superb Internet Exhibits at Affiliate Summit East (ASE) in New York

On August 15th through the 17th, the Affiliate Summit East was held at the Hilton Hotel in New York City. Superb Internet featured their web hosting offerings to internet marketers. Affiliates are internet marketers who monetize online traffic whether it is from having websites to sending out emails. Although affiliate marketers have been stigmatized as being unscrupulous, many legitimate businesses using the internet are affiliates. On a basic level, affiliate marketing is a method of monetization by referring traffic to businesses. When that traffic makes a purchase, the original traffic [affiliate] receives credit for it. Simply put, it is very similar to displaying ads on websites. In any case, I managed to meet the director of sales and product manager for Superb Internet. They are very chill and knowledgeable, being able to give great tips on how to improve any website. It is reassuring to know that there are employees at Superb Internet who are real smart.

Affiliate Summit East 2010 New York - Superb Internet

Superb Internet has a great product offering for affiliate marketers. In particular, I like how their IP addresses are so cheap. You can get them for $1 per IP as long as you purchase a dedicated server. Their cheapest dedicated server will cost $59 per month and includes 2 IPs. If you do the math, a 100 IPs will be just $157 per month with a server to use for anything. Best of all, Superb Internet is a solid web hosting company with a great reputation which translates into clean IP addresses. They are one of the larger web hosting companies around so they will have plenty of class C IP addresses available.

For those affiliate marketers starting out, Superb Hosting has a great web hosting package that I consider to be a huge value, their Grid Iron web hosting. Their cheapest plan starts at just $4.99 per month and you can have a website up and running in no time with the convenience of their one-click application install of WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. For the beginners out there, start off using WordPress. This platform is one of the easiest ways to put a website up. Although WordPress was conceived as a blogging solution, it is widely used to manage other types of websites, even e-commerce stores. Most importantly, WordPress is awesome for SEO meaning it is search engine friendly. A website that is optimized for search engines will allow customers to find your website easier.

I have to say, Superb Internet had the absolute best gift they were giving out during the Affiliate Summit conference… a funnel s a.k.a. beer bong! I’ve been to a lot of these conferences and I have a huge stack of thumb hard drives, pens, water bottles, key chains, flash lights, and such. A beer bong is so unique. It is a good thing I was able to pick it up because I heard they ran out of it. Overall, the Affiliate Summit East was pretty good to meet folks within the industry as well as picking up some new tips. I highly recommend this event to any aspiring affiliate marketer.

1 Year Contract Term Billing Available At Superb Internet.

Superb Internet introduces contract billing for customers on a monthly, 3 month, or 6 month billing cycle. Like many dedicated server companies out there, Superb Internet scales their pricing for servers so it is cheaper for us if we pay additional months up front. The maximum number of discounts is if we pay a full year up front since we receive free setup and up to 30% off the monthly rate for a dedicated server. Paying up front sounds like the fiscal thing to do; however, if you’re like me, paying a full year’s dedicated server hosting fees in advance puts a serious dent into my cash flow. Suffice to say, I’m not a fan up paying more than 3 months of hosting in advance. After all, wouldn’t it be better off to just buy a server at Fry’s and then shipping to a data center to collocate?

Having this contract billing is really nice because now I can receive the same discounts of paying for a full year in advance without having to actually pony up the cash to pay for it. The downside is that we are locked in for the 1 year to stick with Superb Internet. For better or worse, the only way I would agree to such a thing was if I was sure that the dedicated hosting company is solid and reliable, like Superb Internet. Superb Internet has been around for a long time and is financially stable. I know they are going to be around for a while and continue to give me great service. We all know that web hosting experiences is different for everyone and that YMMV, but you can’t go wrong going with Superb Hosting.

Superb Internet 1 Year Contract Billing

According to their order form, the one year contract billing is only available to USA and Canadian residents. As for the difference between one year term contract and one year billing, we have the option to choose either to receive maximum discounts on our dedicated server. Their billing team mentions that choosing the one year billing cycle (pre-pay a year in advance) may be a better option because it allows us to cancel any time and that any remaining months will be credited back the prorated amount. In contrast, if we select the one year term contract, we lose this flexibility of cancelling because we would be required to pay the remaining balance left on the contract.

Whew! Some many choices and all these options seem like information overload to me. In any case, I like that Superb Internet is giving us customers may options. This reminds me of a quote the knight in Indiana Jones Last Crusade said, “Choose Wisely!”

Superb Hosting Offers Parallels Small Business Panel for Dedicated Servers

Recently, Superb Internet added Parallel’s Small Business (SMB) Panel to their lineup of control panels offered. Small Business Panel, similar to cPanel and Parallel Plesk Panel, allows us to manage our dedicated servers easily. The Small Business Panel license is priced on a per user basis while providing unlimited domains and priced as follows with Superb’s dedicated servers:
Superb Internet Partners Parallels Small Business Panel
– $18/mo – Parallels Small Business Panel – 1 User
– $25/mo – Parallels Small Business Panel – 5 Users
– $35/mo – Parallels Small Business Panel – Unlimited Users

Traditional control panels, such as Plesk and cPanel, have been designed to meet the needs of the hosting community and very technical oriented. The new Small Business Panel targets users who may not be as technical with a more intuitive interface design making primary functions of server management obvious. However, this does not mean that the Small Business Panel is limited in features. In fact, Parallels Small Business Panel includes their Sitebuilder AND Power Pack, which were popular add-on options for their Plesk Panel. Power Pack includes MS-SQL Server, Tomcat, and Coldfusion Support along with SpamAssassin Anti-spam software.

Currently, Small Business Panel is only available on dedicated servers using the following operating system: CentOS 5, Fedora 11, Debian 4 or 5, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, Red Hat 5, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. To learn more on their offering, click here.

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